Consume Lemon Water Daily, But Pay Attention To One Thing!

There are a lot of people around the world that drink a glass of lemon water each morning. There are a lot of reasons for doing this.

This water includes a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is improving our immunity and preventing many infections, it is good for our digestion and our skin, nails and health and it is also alkalizing our organism.

However, if you would like to enjoy its results fully then you should stop doing one thing. It is really important not to peel off the lemons before you make the drink.

You should know that the peel of the lemon is healthier than the fruit inside, so that is why you should know how to prepare this lemon drink in the right way in order to get all of the benefits. So read below:

First, you need to cut the lemons in half and squeeze the juice in a glass. After this, you need to grate the peel and include it in the same glass. At the end pour some water in the glass, no matter if it is cold or lukewarm, and consume it as soon as you wake up, before you have your breakfast.

If you follow this and include the peel as well, then this drink will bring you a lot of benefits such as the following:

-better digestion and balanced production of bile

-detoxification of your organism

-better functioning of your gastrointestinal tract

-improved immunity and lower risk for colds because of the vitamin C

-improved colon health because of the pectin fiber that is included in the lemons

-alkalizing of your organism

-better liver functioning

-losing some weight

-relieving the pain and inflammation from the joins

-fighting against insulin spikes

-balancing the levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium and citric acid in the organism

-nourishing the cells of your brain and nerves

-lowering the risk of having eye issues

-relieving heartburn

-better health of the skin, and fighting against wrinkles and acne