The Best Home Remedy To Stop Hair Fall

There are many people in the world, no matter if they are men or women that face the problem of hair loss. They are trying to solve that by using a lot of products or remedies for that purpose however, the results are disappointing.

Don’t despair if you are one of those! We have one natural way that will help you with this issue. It is the guava leaves that we are talking about, one really efficient method to solve the problem with losing your hair. Read about this home remedy to stop hair fall and solve your problem.

Benefits of guava leaves and how to use them:

According to the researches they are providing really good results and they are also beneficial for increasing the platelets in people that are fighting against Dengue fever.

They are also helping in the process of hair growth because they include vitamin B, so they are the right choice for you!

How to use them:

  1. Take one handful of guava leaves and boil them in one liter of water for 20 minutes
  2. After this, let the mixture to cool
  3. Massage your scalp using this mix and then leave it like that for a couple of hours
  4. At the end wash your head with water

It is best to massage your scalp before going to sleep, then put a shower cap for sleeping and when you get up in the morning wash it off. You can also apply it directly to the hair roots after you wash your hair.

This method provides excellent results and will help you to treat this hair problem. You can use it on a regular basis so in that way it will make the hair roots and follicles stronger.

Sometimes it is better to try something natural instead of jumping directly to artificial and harmful products. You will save money and preserve your good health.


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