How to Identify Plastic Rice at Home

Since there was one incident where one guest of Hyderabad hotel reported that he was served with plastic rice, the Indians are very concerned about this matter that may be the fake rice has entered in their market.

This matter is now under investigation however it is believed that plastic Chinese rice is being sold at the groceries in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, which may represent big health problem as well.

That is why it is necessary to know from now on how to make a difference and check the rice in order to see if it is the fake plastic one. This kind of rice is made from synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds which are used for producing a lot of different products.

However, the plastic is very dangerous for us, and the plastic rice itself shines a little in a way that is not normal for the real rice.

By consuming this plastic rice you put your health at risk because the danger for some endocrine issues is high which may also lead to the appearance of cancer as well. So, read below how to make the difference and recognize the plastic rice:

1,The method with a glass of water

It can be a little hard to say which one is plastic and which rice is really just by looking at them, so that is why there are some methods that you can use that will help you with this question. The first method and the easiest one is taking a handful of rice and adding it in a glass or a bowl of water, and then stir a little. The real one will stay inside the water while the plastic one will float on the top.

2.The method with hot oil

This is really similar to the first technique however you need to use boiling oil. So, take one bowl and boil some oil and then put the rice inside. In this case, is the opposite that should happen, the fake one should stay at the bottom while the real rice should float above. Moreover, you should be able to see a layer on the top from the plastic that has melted from the plastic rice.

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3.The method with boiled rice

This method is taking a lot of time actually because first, you have to boil the rice and then put it in a box and leave it to stay outside for a period of 2-3 days. Then, if there is fungus on it after that period then it is the real rice while if there is not and the rice is just like you have left it then that is made from plastic.