Here’s How To Naturally Treat Heartburn

Would you like to know how can you get rid of the heartburn? It is not that difficult if you have the right recommendations. Read below a couple of recommendations that will help you solve your problem.

Here’s what you need to do:

Eat less

If you eat smaller portions during the day you will be full and have enough energy as well. In this way you will have a lower level of acid, thus lowering the heartburn. Many of us eat the whole plate in order not to throw it. That is not right, so don’t do that!

Be careful what you eat

Try to avoid food that is rich in fiber because that creates increased production of gas, which can cause some issues. Also, pay attention to what you ate that cause heartburn and see if that happens again.

If you are having issues with the acid reflux then be careful with foods such as chocolate, highly spiced food, tomatoes, chili peppers, and citrus fruits. Furthermore, the dairy products, as well as fatty foods, can cause you problems.

Change your position of sleeping

Usually, the acid reflux hits us after we have an overwhelming meal and then you lay down. Your position of sleeping (head and body on the same level) enables the acid to move so that is why you should elevate your head while sleeping and turn it on the left side. This will help in order for the food to go down to the intestines and don’t cause you problems.

Walk more

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When you will have an overwhelming meal then go walking for 30-45 minutes. You can walk slowly, it is enough to help with the digestion, making the food to digest faster.

Drink tea

You should avoid teas that include caffeine such as dark, green, rooibos, white, and oolong teas, for instance)because they are increasing the acidity. The chamomile tea and the lemon tea instead are helpful for relieving the stomach.

Do not have late meals

Usually, it needs a couple of hours before the food gets to the intestines, so that is why you need to eat your dinner earlier in order to be digested when you will go to sleep.

Hot refreshments can also move the gas in your stomach through the intestines, where it can be discharged as a fart.

Take charcoal capsules or antacids

Actuated charcoal is one effective remedy because it will help to neutralize the acid. They are also beneficial against bloating, while the antacids are fighting against the production of acid.

Try some new things:

  • Apple juice vinegar, it is helpful for the digestion and makes it easier for the food to go from the stomach to the intestines.
  • Ginger, it is beneficial against bloating and it regulates the digestion.
  • Baking soda, it is neutralizing the acid and decreases the heartburn.
  • Fennel seed, you can chew it in order to lower the trapped gas from the digestive tract.
  • Don’t allow the heartburn to prevent you from having a normal and healthy life!

If you do some changes to your dietary patterns, eating routine, exercise, and way of life, that can eliminate the acid, bloating and heartburn forever.

Mustard, cardamom, cumin, and turmeric are some beneficial home treatments helpful for alleviating gas pain.


Here's how to naturally treat heartburn. #heartburn