Lower Your Cholesterol Levels And Acidity With This Homemade Drink

Once, only on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea you could find one pale-green herb known as cumin, which was used in medieval times and in ancient Rome.

However, today, this natural herb is found all over the world and it is used mainly because it benefits our health and it includes some strong healing characteristics.

By drinking the water from the cumin you will get so many benefits, because this water includes magnesium, iron, copper and potassium, which is healthy for our organism in general.

Below you can read some instructions on how to make yourself this drink:

Things that you will need:

-One glass of water

-Curcumin (2 tablespoons)

How to prepare it:

You need to soak the cumin in the water and leave it through the night. After this, boil it in the morning, strain it and then you can consume it the whole day.

There are many benefits from this, like for example:

-Avoiding colds

This juice is lowering the inflammation and relieving the symptoms of a cold like for example fever, rainy nose and other issues. It is useful for preventing flues because it is boosting our immunity and it is also fighting against bacteria and other germs.

-Lowering our blood pressure

This herb is good for lowering arterial hypertension and for cleaning our blood. By drinking it you will have a lower risk for Alzheimer’s and high blood sugar.

-Alkalizing our organism

This juice is also beneficial for balancing the acidity in our body and enabling detoxification at the same time, thus lowering the chances of catching colds and chronic diseases.

-Fighting against stomach bloating

If you drink this juice on a regular basis you will not have troubles with stomach bloating anymore.

-Improving the circulation of our blood

This drink is beneficial for boosting the circulation of blood and lowering the pain as well.

-Lowering the stomach and headache

-The water from the curcumin includes iron, so it will improve the level of hemoglobin, thus fighting against the stomach or headache at the same time.

-Lowering the cholesterol and your weight too

This drink is also beneficial for losing some weight. It is also fighting against the cholesterol thus lowering the danger for having some heart issues.

-Relieving the stress

This herb is actually relaxing our mind and body and that is why it is used for fighting stress, insomnia, depression, bad mood, anxiety and other things.

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So, don’t wait! Start to consume this healthy drink. There are no side effects; you gain only its benefits!

Here how to reduce cholesterol levels and acidity. #highcholesterol #stomachissues