Here’s How To Remove Dental Plaque At Home – A Simple Home Remedy

If we are not taking proper care about our teeth then we will have to face with the plague. This represents a bacteria which is located on your teeth and can cause you to have bad breath and even result with some infections of the gum.

This condition is really common for people that are drinking a lot of coffee and fro smokers as well. Usually, it has a dark yellow color so you will be able to see it with bare eyes.

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Here you will learn how to remove dental plaque at home only by using a simple remedy. You can also get rid of the plague with a procedure known as prophylaxis which can be done by your dentist.

However, you should also know about 2 natural treatments that are also helpful for having better hygiene of your teeth.

Here’s how to remove dental plaque at home

Treatment number one

Take one pot and include ½ liter of water and then add 60gr nutshell flour. Now boil that mixture on low heat for a period of 10 minutes. Then put it away and leave it to cool down. You should use this mix as toothpaste for 2 times during the month, however, try to brush your teeth for 5 minutes.

Treatment number two

Take one pot and put inside 1/1 liter water, 2 sunflower seed flour and 2 limes, and let this mixture boil on low heat for a period of one hour. Then like the previous one, use it in order to brush your teeth 2 times during one month in order to prevent the plague from forming.

Suggestions for healthier teeth:

-It is important to have a normal ph in your mouth so use mild toothpaste and brush your teeth minimum 2 times each day.

-It is important to floss your teeth at night in order to remove the food residues between the teeth.

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-You can use mouthwash because it is helpful against bacteria. You can even use a homemade one for an example of mint and thyme.

-It is suggested to go regularly to your dentist in order to prevent bigger complications.

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How to remove dental plaque at home