How To Stop A Heart Attack In 1 Minute

The heart attacks are among the leading cause of death for people. So, by knowing this, you can be let’s say a little prepared if this happens unfortunately to you or someone close to you.

The most important thing is to call the medical help at any case if you notice the symptoms of a heart attack like for example sweating, pain in the chest, dizziness, short breath and feeling discomfort in the area of your arms, shoulders, back or neck.

So, while you are waiting for help there is one ingredient that can help you before the damage happens. That ingredient is the cayenne pepper.

This ingredient is actually recommended from the experts for these cases because it is a really strong stimulant.

When this ingredient gets inside our blood, it is fastening its circulation, making it come faster to the other parts of our body and the brain as well in order to get more oxygen.

The cayenne is also beneficial for increasing the heart rate and strengthening the pulse. Furthermore, it is fighting against the forming of blood clots.

2 ways how to use the cayenne pepper:

For people that are starting to have the symptoms of a heart attack, you should mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a hot water and give it to them to consume.

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However, if the person is not conscious, then you should only put a few drops of the cayenne extract under their tongue.

So, you can use it as powder or tincture but it is best to have it near you all of the time. However, be careful to buy this ingredient from some herbal experts in order to be strong enough in this kind of cases because usually, the one that is sold for kitchen usage does not have the necessary quality.

Other benefits from the cayenne pepper

This ingredient is also beneficial for lowering the failure of the heart for people that have some kind of chronic issues.

According to the researches, it is the ingredient called capsaicin that is consisted of the cayenne that is really effective for treating some heart problems.

It is also lowering the level of LDL cholesterol and the phytochemicals that are included in it are very good for blood purification.

This ingredient has been used since ancient times and now because the Asians, Italians, and Mexicans use it in their kitchen, there are lower cases of heart attacked reported in those areas.

You can also take cayenne capsules as an alternative if you like.

So, if you have a person in your home having these troubles then it is best to always have the cayenne pepper by your side and learn about its benefits because it may save your or the life of your close.


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