Knee Popping: Do You Need to Be Concerned?

According to David McAllister, MD, director of the UCLA’s Sports Medicine Program knee popping is often harmless and you should not be worrying.

Usually, it occurs while squatting down or by moving it, however, unless you feel pain or there is a swelling, there is no reason to worry.

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However, for sure you are asking why they are cracking if they are healthy. The answer is that the cartilage or the tissue that is covering the bones can be developing uneven as we get older.

So when we are moving these surfaces glide across each other. The other reason for this can be the ligaments, or that is the tissue connecting the bones among each other which is tightening as you move.

However, if you are feeling pain when this is happening, or you notice that there is swelling then go to the doctor because it may indicate some conditions.

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Knee popping -possible conditions

-Meniscus tears: The meniscus is actually the disc that is acting like shock-absorber and it prevents the rubbing of bones by spreading the weight evenly. You can tear it by twisting it or by playing some sports.

-Cartilage injury or wear: The cartilage is covering the bone and sometimes it may be injured so a piece can break off and catch in the joint. In this case, the knee is swelling.

The cartilage can also wear thin which is called arthritis. Then there is also the osteoarthritis which usually happens to older people.

Advice for keeping your knees healthy:

  • Exercise more often- it is important to strengthen your knees and legs. You can walk upstairs, ride a bike, or exercise with weight or resistance bands.
  • It is important to warm up well before exercising in order not to get injured.
  • Try to stretch before doing exercises and then stretch again after that by holding a stretch for half a minute. In this way, you will avoid injures.
  • If you are already working out, continue with little harder exercises.
  • It is important to wear good shoes.
  • Try to be at a healthy weight in order not to put weight and stress on your knees.

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Follow this advice and if you are experiencing knee popping sound for a longer period, go to your doctor to see what is happening and don’t worry.


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