Lose Weight Fast with this Avocado Diet Plan

The nutrition experts are recommending this diet regime with which you will be able to slim down 4 pounds. However, the best thing about this Avocado diet plan is that the avocado is really healthy and beneficial for our organism because it has a lot of healthy components.

For example, it contains many minerals, vitamin B and fat essentials that are required for better functioning. Regarding the calories, it includes, it is 118 kcal per 100 g of the fruit’s pulp.

This diet regime should be followed for three days!

It is really important to choose the right avocado because only the ripe ones include all of the necessary ingredients for our organism.

That is why in order to decide if the avocado is ripe you need to touch it first. If it is not enough ripe then it will be hard on touch, while the ripe ones are soft and their skin will squash a little when touching them.

This diet should be followed for three days in a period of 2 weeks or during one month. These 3 days are really similar because the intake of calorie is almost the same all of the time. However, this diet will give you the necessary energy for exercising, so that is why it is important to do your workout as well.

Here is the meal plan:


Half of a ripe avocado with fat-free cottage cheese or natural yogurt. It is important for the dairy product to be low-fat because the avocado includes many healthy fats.


Prepare a salad of avocados: cut the fruit into cubicles and mix it together with a boiled egg, greens, and a cucumber, or you can also prepare toasts of whole-grain bread with cucumbers and avocados.


You can consume 100 g of turkey meat (or chicken) or white fish, cut a quarter of an avocado on small slices and fat-free cottage cheese.

Remember, this diet will not exhaust your body, but will help you lose weight.

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If you need to lose weight fast you may try this avocado diet plan.