Natural Pain Relief, The Strongest Painkiller From Your Backyard

In some cases, when we are feeling ill or maybe we are injured somehow, we have a need for a painkiller in order to lower the pain we feel.

However, although they are often used, the painkillers are actually not good for us, so that is why we should look for a natural pain relief solution.

The natural painkiller you should try

One of those natural painkillers is the wild lettuce and there is a possibility that you already have it in your backyard. This kind of lettuce is also known as the “poor man’s Opium” and it is already familiar with its usage in natural medicine.

According to Dr. Mercola, the wild lettuce is beneficial for treating headache, anxiety, joint and muscle pain, in other words, it is the best natural pain relief solution.

It is also very helpful for restless legs and making you feel calm. If you are taking it as a supplement then you should consume 30-120 mg. before going to sleep.

So, as you can see, the wild lettuce can have a lot of usages all of which are good for our health. You can use it for treating muscle pain all up to treating a cough. According to many people, this natural remedy is also effective against insomnia.

However, although it is natural, you should always take precautions when you are consuming something first. So, it is best to try it really slowly in order to see the reaction of your body.

This is a far better option than using painkillers because they can have a lot of side effects, while the wild lettuce does not even cause addiction.

So, if you want to try this excellent remedy, first you can find some of it and then use the white milky substance from within to prepare yourself a tincture.

There are a lot of natural things that can be really helpful for our health however unfortunately not many people know about them.

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