Natural Remedies For Human Papillomavirus

We are not sure how many people are actually familiar with the human papillomavirus that is generating a change very much alike the tumor on the skin, but this has a soft consistency and a brown shape.

Usually it is benign but it can be very contagious. This virus can be transmitted through contact or through having an intercourse with a person that is infected.

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It can also be transmitted if you have any kind of wound for example a scratch, etc.

A lot of people are not giving importance to this because it can appear on the face and it looks like wrinkles so people are not concerned.

However, in this case you should consult with a specialist and maybe use some creams for the area of your eyes, nose and mouth.

Sometimes, this can go away on its own, but it is always best to ask a specialist and never use a treatment on your own because it can get serious.

However, you should also know the natural treatments that can help in these situations.

How to treat human papillomavirus naturally

Apply celandine juice: You can get rid of the acne, warts and other deformations by using this juice. Apply baby moisturizer and then this juice.  Leave it for around 3 hours in order to have an effect.

Potato juice: You can use this 3 times a day; apply the fresh potato juice until you have the wanted results.

Vitamin E: you need a oil that includes this vitamin to rub the place 2 times a day minimum in order to have results. You can use garlic additionally during the night for a period of 2 weeks.

Dandelion: Take one container and fill it with dandelion leaving it to sit like that for around 2 weeks in a dark place. Then you can use the ink at least 5 times a day until you get the results.

Ginger: This is used for lowering deformations and inflammation of the skin, so you can use a wet ginger for rubbing the places for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Tea tree oil: Put several drops on a cotton ball and rub the place minimum 3 times a day.

Apple cider oil: After you have cleaned the area, take one handkerchief moistened in the vinegar and put it on the area on every 7 hours for a period of 7 days.

Lemon juice: The citrus it includes is breaking the cells of human papillomavirus so just apply it on the place and leave it to dry.

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Oregano oil: you need to mix 3 drops oregano oil and 6 drops coconut oil, apply it on the area 3 times a day until the deformation falls out on its own.

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Human papillomavirus treatment