This Nurse Adopted A Baby Who Had No Visitors In Hospital

This is a story for one premature born baby that has no visitors do the nurse that was caring for it adopted hit. The baby Gisele was born at only 29 weeks, and her mother and father were drug addicts.

She was weighing barely 2 pounds, and she also had some health troubles because of her mother’s addiction. For a couple of months, she didn’t had any visitors at all so only the staff of the Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, the USA took care of her.

However, things got better for this baby because of the nurse Liz Smith.  She wanted to have a baby all her life but unfortunately, she couldn’t because she was suffering from infertility.

She was 45 years old and hadn’t considered about adoption before, however she got really connected to the baby Gisele and visited her every day.

The state of Massachusetts gained custody of the baby and after 3 months Ms. Smith wanted to foster her. The baby was suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome because of the exposure to drugs; however, this didn’t stop Ms. Smith to take her home.

This is very emotional for Ms. Smith. First, it all began as reunification with her birth parents, however as the time went by she knew that she needed her and her love.

After some time the parental rights for Gisele were taken from her birth parents because they were not capable of taking care of her, so Ms. Smith was experiencing happiness however other the opposite.

So, at the age of 2, Gisele was officially adopted by Ms. Smith. The court hearing was very emotional because the judge said that everyone should stand out of respect for Liz because she really deserved it for adopting a child from miles away.

So, despite the bad begging of her life, Gisele is now healthy and happy with Liz as her mother. She still has a feeding tube, because of her condition, in order to get the proper nutrition, but despite that, he is healthy and strong now. She is an inspiration for a lot of people.

We are talking about love and its power to change someone’s life all the time. It has transformed our lives. I can’t imagine my life without her now and we have never been happier – says Liz.

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An happy adoption story.