Signs Of A Heart Attack That Everyone Must Know

Probably you have all heard that the most common signs of a heart attack is having heavy pressure in the chest, however, not many people are aware that actually most of the people that are having a heart attack don’t feel any pain at all in the chest.

Having a healthy lifestyle is lowering the chances for a heart attack drastically, as well as lowering your stress at the minimum.

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However, you should be aware of the most common symptoms that usually come before having a heart attack and you must visit your doctor if this happens.

Early signs of a heart attack that everyone needs to know

  • Fatigue

If you are having fatigue and you feel down and tired all of the time then it is time to visit your doctor because this may mean something. If the arteries are narrowed then our heart gets a lower amount of blood than before and in these cases, it is forced to work harder than usual.

  • Shortness of breath

If your heart is having less blood that normally this will mean that the lungs as well will not be getting the amount of oxygen that they were having before so this results with having short breath.

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  • Weakness

If it happens that your arteries are not getting and distributing the amount of blood they usually do have then a lot of complications may happen because our muscles will not get the necessary thing which may lead you to fall down, so be really careful.

  • Dizziness and cold sweats

If you are feeling this you should not ignore it because it may be a sign for not distributing the right amount of blood in your brain.

  • Chest pressure

This is actually the pain when the attack happens itself, you will be feeling pressure, and discomfort in the chest area which will be increasing as the attack is happening.

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  • Flu or cold symptoms

The symptoms of flu or cold may be happening several days before having a heart attack so don’t ignore them. All of these signs deserve proper attention so do not wait and if you notice something consult with your doctor.


Signs of a heart attack you must know